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Assisted Living Development

We Help Develop, Fix and Grow Senior Care!

  • ALF Start-up Services
  • ALF Marketing & Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales Training & Employee Development
  • ALF Lease-up Strategy Development
  • ALF Functional Design Consulting
  • ALF Management Services
  • ALF Turnaround Services
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Consulting Projects
  • Operations and process structuring utilizing electronic services
  • Staffing and staffing pattern development consulting
  • Licensing consulting and assistance
  • Reduction of liability consulting

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Open New? Or buy existing?

One of the biggest questions that I receive from people who want to get started in assisted living is, “Do we open…

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The Importance of Company Culture

I recently parted ways with a facility/their ownership as the management company. We had done our job, and we had done it…

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Know Your Numbers!

As I have been traveling more and working with assisted living providers all over the country, one thing has become completely clear….

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